Dramatic Writing


A series of monologues on mental health issues faced by young people.

The project embodies the theme that stress at home, at school and in life is challenging people aged 13 to 18 beyond their usual coping abilities, often leaving them disenfranchised and vulnerable.

The project comprises six monologues (3F + 3M) – each voice a fragment in search of wholeness – but is intended as a dynamic work.


Tapping Out

10-minute play


Trapped in his psyche, a young man drawn to rhythm, rather than words, taps his feelings for the woman he loves in a desperate bid to ward off reality.

Winner – Judges’ Choice (Week 4) and Third Place, Best Production, Short+Sweet Sydney (2017); SOLO Monologue Competition Winner, Published Category, Hothouse Theatre, Wodonga (2016)

Shortlisted – Short+Sweet Theatre Festival, Hollywood, Auckland, and Wellington (2016)

Performed at the Short+Sweet Theatre Festival, Sydney (February-March 2017) and Brisbane (July 2016)



One-act play


Siblings clash at the bedside of their ailing, manipulative mother – one resentful that he never left years ago, the other guilty that she did.

Performed in Eltham and St Andrews, Victoria as part of Theatre 451’s ‘A Play, A Pie and A Pot’ program (Melbourne, July 2014).

One audience member commented: A funny, raw and touching account of the confronting and painful journey we face when trying to care for elderly parents.



One-act play


Scrapbooking the life of a mysterious elderly relative unleashes a storm of conflicting memories, dangerous lies and dark secrets, forcing three generations of women to discover the true meaning of family.

Rehearsed Reading as part of Theatre 451’s Elevate program (Melbourne, November 2016). The noted author, artist and playwright, Barry Dickins, said: Rewind is brilliant – 10/10!


Professional Development

Shortly after my recent career shift, I was fortunate to be selected for two national professional development programs in dramatic writing and fiction.

The Hive

Playwright Development Program, The Street Theatre (Canberra, 2014)


The inaugural professional development program of the ACT Writers Centre (2014)


Fiction (Books)

The Trouble in Tune Town

Children’s picture book

Available now, order today! (Little Steps, August 2017)


Meg is Tune Town’s best music performer, but she’s having trouble rehearsing. So much trouble, in fact, that the notes have run right off the music sheet! Can Meg find the notes in time for her big concert? Or are they closer to home than she thought? A colourful book for music–loving–and–learning kids of all ages.

Teachers Notes available here.

Customers who bought this book said…

A delightful and clever story that will inspire any young musician. Such joy! – S Weaver, Canberra

Rhyming text and flowing illustrations tell the story with a musicality that will appeal to kids and adults. A glossary ensures you’ll learn about music too. – Alison H, Blue Mountains

The Trouble in Tune Town is an entertaining musical story that will appeal to anyone who plays or loves music. The rhythmic writing and beautiful illustrations make this book engaging and fun for everyone. We can’t wait to share it with our students who are sure to love it! – K Firkins, Program Manager, Music for Canberra

The Trouble in Tune Town is a delightfully upbeat, dynamic and reassuring story with fun, quirky and alluring concepts to encourage music and instrument exploration. Any music enthusiast from age three will actively sing out for this book time and time again. – Just Write for Kids Australia

This clever book is about so much more than music. Its enchanting words, vibrant colours and entertaining rhythm encourage kids to try their best at everything they do while remembering to have fun! – D Kelleher, Boston

Read more on the Tune Town website over here or…

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Children’s picture book, hardback (32 pp) * Published by Little Steps, Sydney (August 2017) * Written by Maura Pierlot * Illustrated by Sophie Norsa * Price includes shipping anywhere in Australia.

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Young adult fiction

Unpublished manuscript


A downward spiral of extreme weight loss, self-loathing and broken friendships thrusts a young girl into a battle for survival against her biggest enemy: her self.


Fiction (Short Stories)


A short story for 5-8 year olds (2017)

Longlisted, Birdcatcher Books Competition (2017).

Published in A Big Book of Short Stories for Small People (ed Lynn Fowler, Birdwatcher Books, 2018)



A short story for middle readers, Celapene Press (2012)

Read the story online



A post-U.S. election analysis.

Published in the online journal, Softcopy

Read the essay online